Monastery Construction

The monastery construction which was held in Samar, Mustang. 

Mustang Samar Monastery History

“Located in Upper Mustang, The Mustang Buddhist monastery had been in a very tremendous situation. All the God and Goddess statues were severely broken; the walls of the monastery were in pieces, the roof of the monastery was also leaking in rain due to holes in them and on the floor of the monastery it was a very pitiful scene some of the statues were severely broken and laid on the ground, there was dust and dirt all over the place. 

Our meeting with this Monastery took place while we had our trekking group in Mustang. While visiting there we decided to visit this Monastery and upon visiting this monastery we were very shocked about it’s situation and were very curious about it .So, we then had asked the locals why this place has become so deteriorated and they had replied” We ourselves are very poor so we cannot afford to repair such a monastery”. That answer made us feel pretty bad which after then we thought of helping in repairmen of that Monastery, First we had only thought of repairing the roof of the Monastery but on second thought after seeing the Monastery situation we had to help in reconstruction of that Monastery in a better place. 

So for the betterment of all the people, we had raised fund from my company, European friends and Guests for the reconstruction of the Monastery. On 2009, we had started our work of reconstruction of the Monastery about 200 meters away from the original place and completed the work in 2011 and handed it over to the Locals community. Many of the times during construction were very sorrowful times because the fund would not be enough for the Construction and I had to invest some of my own money.”

-Lhakpa Gyalje Sherpa 

Head of NHSF

New Samar Monastery

Welcome Program

Pictures of Inauguration