KhilKhording Monk School (New Project)


Founded On the 19th May 2021, On the Auspicious Day on birthdate of the Buddha Shakyamuni by Kyapse Tuche Rinpoche(35 Reincarnations).

Lama Rangdrol Rinpoche spreads his transmission and teachings to the monks present there. Son of Lama Druba Rinpoche, he is standing in the tradition of Nyingma and Kama Kagyu Buddhism. 

There is an urgent situation for to pass on the Buddhist knowledge to the younger generation in the Sherpa land.


There are only few monks left in the whole village causing the risk of extinction of the Buddhist tradition. So, In order to prevent that we ought to help build school for different Buddhist practitioners and monks living there. The main idea is to help both the villagers and the monks living there as both monks and villagers require each other in the time of aid.

When there is a ritual, festival or any type of traditional activities, then monks are necessary in order to help them perform such rituals and the villagers are also required to provide help to the monks during the process. If the tradition disappears then the village is likely to lose its identity too, causing it to disappear slowly. Hence, In order to prevent that from occurring we are requesting for your aid and support as quickly as possible as time is very limited.

Building Diagrams

Fund Collection for Monk School