Himalayan Region Welfare English School


The Nepal Himalaya Sherpa Foundation in Kathmandu is helping to rebuild a mountain school in Nepal. This school is located in the district of Dolakha, in the Mount Everest region, at an elevation of around 2700 meters. The school currently has 80 students, ranging in age from 3 to 17, and 6 incredibly committed teachers. There is also a cook who provides everyone with a daily hot meals and makes the tea for the kids.

Life after the earthquakes

The terrible earthquake in April and May 2015 damaged the school, as well as the kitchen building, a portion of the new structure, and the entire village and monastery. After the devastating quakes, Nepal’s infrastructure suffered a similar degree of destruction. The NHSF Team was able to get several tents and tarpaulins thanks to donations so that the villagers could construct a shelter for the lessons and then partially resume a school schedule.

Building a future

The new school’s initial construction projects are complete. The new structure will include 10 rooms, including a kitchen, dining room, and bathroom, and will be earthquake-proof. In order to provide students with an appropriate school-leaving certificate, the school will be expanded to grade 10. Headmaster Namgyal Lama plans the lessons, which adhere to the government of Nepal’s curriculum. There are classes in Nepali, English, math, general knowledge, and sports. Tibetan language and writing, traditional music and dances, and Buddhist lessons are taught to maintain the culture, which is in danger of disappearing because the majority of the students are Sherpa. It is projected that reconstructing the school will cost 80,000 euros in total.



Students of Bigu School